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  • Seducts Logo

    SEDUCTS.COM is an indoor air quality control company, and they reached out to Black Bear Design to create a new logo for the business. In an effort to convey the flow of quality air being pushed thro...

  • Black Bear Recognizes 10 New Trends in 2015 Logo Design

    From the days of hand cut letterforms, through the wave of digital technology and into current day, logo design has wonderfully transformed, adapted and shape-shifted. What logo design trends lie ah...

  • What Makes A Great Logo Design?

    Logo design is a singular representation of a company or brand, but even some of the most iconic logo designs have seen an evolution over time. Every day consumers are confronted with countless logos,...

  • 10 Signs That Your Corporate Brochures Need An Update

    Do you have corporate brochures that detail your products and services? Are you looking for new ways to announce sales and other upcoming events with your brochures? Regardless of the reason for creat...

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