Social Media Packages for Small Business

Effective Social Media

  • Grow and engage with your audience by amplifying your social media efforts
  • Make sure your content gets in front of the right audience
  • Increase Word of Mouth through successful social media campaigns
Social Media for Small Business

Social Media Process

We’re a spunky, not-afraid-to-be-different bunch here at Black Bear Design, and we carry this personality over to our work. We are bold and believe that being bold is the only way to stand out in an overcrowded world. We approach social media the same way.


The Good Kind of Audit

Nope, not an IRS audit! This is where we sit down with you and learn about your brand and how social media can make you a rock star.

Who Are You?
Who Are You

Who Are You?

What’s your brand persona? What do you want to achieve with social media? What kind of content do you want to put out there? What are your overall marketing goals? We won’t ask for your social security number, we promise! But we will be thorough.

Audience Insights

Think you know your audience well? We’ll investigate this further so we can identify what kind of content interests them, their demographic data and which influencers we could reach out to for word-of-mouth amplification.

Audience Insights

From Here To There

We can’t set and measure goals if we don’t know where you started. We’ll audit your current social media performance and set benchmarks based on where you want to go.

Competitor Who?

Do you know how you stack up against your competition? You should. We’ll scan their social profiles to see what content is resonating with their audience, how effective their keywords are and which social channels they’re using. Then, we will give you the power to create exciting, relevant content.


Let’s Get Planning

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary insights on you and your competitors, it’s time to put together an awesome plan to put you top of mind with your target audience.

Interesting Content

Standard vs. Excellent Profiles

Do you want to be like everyone else or stand out on social media? We are guessing the latter. This is why we create plans for your social profiles to help you optimize your page. Graphics, verbiage, URL—we’ve got the best ways for you to do it right!

Talk To Me Strategy

Half the battle with social media is knowing what to do after you have created your profile. Developing content is great, but only if you’re engaging with your audience around that content. Black Bear Design will help you come up with a plan for community engagement, word-of-mouth amplification and influencer management.


Nothing feels better than achieving what you set out to do, which is why we love goal setting. We’ll work with you to set reasonable goals so that when you do hit those goals, you can celebrate like a champion.

Curation And Creation

Do you want to push out just anything for your audience or are you more focused on creating and curating interesting content that will make them want to engage with you? Black Bear Design will help you come up with a content calendar for social media so your audience is always engaged.


Ready To Execute?

Your social media plan, that is. Now that we’ve created an impressive strategy and set clear goals, it’s time to execute this plan!

Talk To Me Strategy


With your content calendar by our side, we’ll share content based on social media best practices and distribute it across your social channels.


Once the comments, likes, retweets and shares start rolling in, we’ll act as community manager to make sure your audience is never left hanging. Black Bear Design will also manage influencer relations to make sure they’re making appearances on your social channels as well.


How’d You Do?

We are always trying to do better and the best way to do this is by studying our progress. Did we meet the goals we set? Why? If not, how can we improve? This is where analysis comes in.


How can you know if your efforts are successful without measuring them? We’ll provide you with monthly reports, which will allow you to learn what to do next time and see how well your campaign is working.

Your Quarterly Review

Sometimes we just need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. This is what you’ll see in your quarterly review: where you are now vs. where you started. We can learn from these insights and make any necessary changes for the next quarter.

Measurable Goals

Integrating Social Media

Social media allows you to reach your target audience anywhere, at any time. It also allows brands to easily integrate social media with tools such as CRMs, e-commerce shopping carts, websites, and much more.


Easily curate content and share on your social channels with RSS feeds and apps that help find content relevant to your brand and ideal audience.

Your Quarterly Review

Add social media buttons to your website and created content (blogs, newsletters, white papers) so your audience can easily share it.

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