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$500 Referral Bonus

Posted on 09/08/14 by

The $500 referral bonus is available on website designs or retained services.  Contract must be signed by September 30th, 2014.

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Vote Randee Black For SMC Board

Posted on 09/08/14 by

I would love an opportunity to provide leadership, creativy, innovative thinking, and strategies for success to the Sales and Marketing Council. I bring with me more than 16 years experience working in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry, helping homebuilders take it to the next level and sell more homes. When you’re casting your vote…
find your fortune with Randee Black!

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Why You Should Be A/B Testing

Posted on 09/03/14 by

A/B testing is one of those key elements you should be doing if you are serious about using your website as a lead generation tool.  Making small changes could make a big impact on conversions rates.

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The Tracking Piece You Are Missing With Your Marketing Campaigns

Posted on 08/20/14 by

If you are running marketing campaigns and tracking ROI and effectiveness, there is probably a key piece of data you are missing. Video Transcript: Welcome to 2-Minute Tuesday… I am Joel Black with Black Bear Design Today, I am going to talk about the missing piece of information in your online marketing campaigns.  First, before [...]

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10 Signs That Your Corporate Brochures Need An Update

Posted on 08/14/14 by

Do you have corporate brochures that detail your products and services? Are you looking for new ways to announce sales and other upcoming events with your brochures? Regardless of the reason for creating printed materials, it is critical that you are using this tool effectively. If you’ve been struggling to get customers to pick up [...]

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How To Get Traffic To Your Website

Posted on 08/10/14 by

A website is useless if you can’t get traffic to your website. Here are a few ideas on how to get traffic to your website.

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What Is A DNS And What Do I Need To Know About It?

Posted on 08/05/14 by

A DNS can be confusing, although it’s really a simple idea. A DNS is a Domain Name System that points a domain name, like www.blackbeardesign.com to a servers IP address. That way, you can tell someone your domain name rather than an IP address. Video Transcript I am Joel Black with Black Bear Design and [...]

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How To Organize A Website

Posted on 07/24/14 by

3 factors to take into consideration when deciding how to organize a website. It’s not all about being flashy, it’s more about purpose and strategy.

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Automated Email Marketing – Love It Or Hate It?

Posted on 07/23/14 by

Regardless if you love automated email marketing or you hate automated email marketing, when used correctly, it can be a tremendous benefit to the users experience. Video Transcript Hi, I’m Joel Black with Black Bear Design and this is 2-Minute Tuesday… The first thing you might notice today is that I hung my whiteboard; the [...]

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What Makes User Friendly Websites?

Posted on 07/21/14 by

The foundation of every online marketing campaign is the website. Setting up a website is imperative in order to set in motion every other marketing strategy, whether it’s an SEO strategy, a social media strategy, a content marketing strategy or more. However, companies that don’t have user friendly websites are going to fail right out [...]

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