Social Networking & Ecommerce Website

About The Project

Efamily is a social media and matching platform built for matching families with like demographic and geographic traits.  You simply create an account, build your profile, select what areas of your life are most important to you, and a custom matching algorithm will rank families in your area with the highest potential matches at the top of the list.

Efamily has a long list of features such as :

  • Logging in with Facebook and integrated with Facebook Analytics
  • A built in messaging platform so you can communicate securely without exchanging personal information
  • A custom built matching algorithm that dynamically ranks matches based on multiple factors
  • It is a mobile responsive, custom designed website, so it looks great and functions great across devices
  • A favorites feature so you can favorite families and connect with them later
  • A group feature so large groups of companies and churches can have their own private pool for matching

The project took several months and our entire team of designers, developers, copywriters, social media, marketing and seo experts to bring it to life!