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Black Bear Design specializes in website redesigns and all of the details that accompany a successfully executed redesign.

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A Top Website Redesign Company In Atlanta

Black Bear Design, being a seasoned web redesign agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, can make the above cited goals more achievable as we specialize in website redesigns for all types and scales of businesses. We have a keen eye for the finer details that accompany a successfully executed redesign which are generally overlooked by many website redesign companies.

With our website redesign service, you can accomplish many goals including:

  • Driving more qualified traffic- traffic with better conversion rates
  • Bettering the user experience and strengthening your brand’s online presence
  • Giving you a unique identity to help you stand out in the forest
  • Helping you make a lasting impression on your audience
  • Projecting your true business philosophy
  • Incorporating the best features in your new website.
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Website Redesign Testimonials

"Black Bear Design Group is exemplary! I especially enjoyed the team's sense of initiative and intuitiveness on any type of project.  I was also extremely impressed by the creativity, very original ideas. I loved the way they were on the same page as I was, without necessarily communicating on a daily basis. The work was always very timely and beyond expectations which is always a nice touch when you are yourself feeling a little stressed with an upcoming deadline.  I have already recommended Black Bear Design Group and I will recommend them again."
Vanessa PerrinOnline Marketing Manager
"Interviews with 3 other web design firms yielded confusion and uncertainty. We were lucky enough to select Black Bear, number 1 on a Google search, a recommendation in itself ! Our product needed a great web site design plus a coordinated marketing plan for a successful launch. Simple and clear was our mantra, Black Bear has done a wonderful job. Inbound marketing is the future, Black Bear embraces this concept. We will grow and use their services as we succeed."
Andrew CraigAndrew and Sheila Craig, Owners, Easy Pay

Website Redesign Examples

How Do We Do It?

We have a solid and proven website redesign process that is in line with the latest technological as well as design trends. Our process is mapped out in a trail guide that we carry with us, every step of the way. We learn about your business as well as your vision and goals, following which, we redesign your website to transform it into a tool that will help you on your path to success.

Given below is the basic layout we follow in our website redesign process.  This process has helped us deliver extraordinary websites which are technologically sound and aesthetically pleasing, thereby making us the leading and most trusted website redesign company in Atlanta.

Web design process Trail Guide

How Do We Get Started?

Getting started with a website redesign is easy, fill out our contact form or give us a call and we will run a free website analysis for you. From there, we would like to discuss our findings and make suggestions based on those discoveries.  We will lay out a set of goals and deliverables as well as provide a proposal on cost.  There is no cost for this “pre-audit” phase of our process, it’s part of our mission to create remarkable online experiences.

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