Pay Per Click Marketing Services (PPC)

We understand that for a small business there is nothing more important than exposure to your target customers and that there is no medium that brings a small business closer to its target customers than the internet.  By entering a single keyword into a search engine a consumer can have at their fingertips a plethora of product and service choices.  Small businesses not only want, but need, their offerings to be at the top of these choices and that is why Black Bear Design offers Pay Per Click Marketing Services to our small business clients as well as our larger clientele.

pay per click marketing services

Example of potential annual return on investment of over $40,000 (click for larger image)


Pay Per Click Marketing Services Helps Drive Small Business

Black Bear Design is a small business with the expertise and experience to work with both small and large businesses for the purposes of brand exposure and marketing. As a small business in Atlanta, we understand the necessity of obtaining the best possible ROI for our larger clients, but we further understand the absolute necessity of small businesses to achieve advertising success on a limited budget.

pay per click marketing services

Doubled number of unique visits over four-month period.


pay per click marketing services

Heat maps provide insight into what visitors are – and aren’t – clicking on.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services We Offer

  • Through our Pay Per Click marketing services we connect your small business directly to the giants of internet searching and advertising like Bing Adcenter and Google Adwords, placing you as high as possible within their paid search results
  • With ROI in mind, we work with services such as Google Analytics and others to optimize landing pages and content while at the same time tracking your advertising input-versus-output down to the cent
  • Our team of experts in marketing and e-commerce will work with you to create the best possible representation of your company’s vision for your website, then work with you to bring increasing amounts of traffic to that site
  • To maximize your number of potential hits and purchases, we offer A/B testing on landed pages to determine which presentation is the most appealing to your target customers
  • Along with our Pay Per Click marketing services we also offer SEO services designed to assist small businesses with the task of  increasing their “organic” or unpaid search results alongside their paid results 
  • So that you may better understand and direct all of this activity, we offer a dedicated project manager who will be available to you by phone or email; a manager who will be heading a team of specialists that will be making suggestions regarding marketing and design as well as implementation solutions for those suggestions
  • As a member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, you can rest assured that, large or small, Black Bear Design will treat all clients with the utmost care and concern
  • Black Bear Design also offers regular company newsletters that will keep you up to speed and on the ball with timely and useful ideas and tips developed by our team