Wire Mesh Case Study

website case study
Wire Mesh has grown tremendously with the help of a completely integrated, full-circle marketing package including website maintenance & improvements, marketing CRM, pay-per-click marketing, retargeting, social media, content creation, and inbound marketing.

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Pay Per Click Management

We set up and manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, utilizing Bing & Google Adwords, where we are a certified partner. Bing, which is the default search engine for Internet Explorer, has a high usage rate in both the industrial and manufacturing industries.

The benefit is more-qualified prospects clicking to your website, which results in more website conversions and more trackable phone calls to your sales team.

Search Engine Optimization

We continuously work on website content, as well as the data behind the content to help your website rank higher for search phrases.

The benefit is a much lower cost per click than paid keywords and a much higher click-through rate.  A larger pool of prospects translates to more leads and increased sales.

On Google search, the first 5 results get 67% of traffic.

CRM & Marketing Automation

We offer a fully-integrated Sharpspring marketing automation suite of services, including automated emails, list building and follow-ups  We also have robust tools to identify people without them telling us.

The benefit is spending less time following up on cold leads, automating the warming process, and receiving alerts when leads are hot and motivated to purchase.

Social Media Management

Social media opens new doors for brand awareness.  We have multiple programs to spark conversations and advertise to your target at exactly the right time.  Whether its building and connecting to the right audience with your social networks, posting information that will educate them, or strengthening brand awareness, we have you covered.

We build brand ambassadors, who will develop into referral partners and repeat business.

Website Maintenance

Website development and maintenance is one of our core services. We continually monitor and improve your website.  By consistently improving your site, adding landing pages, and creating new content and features, your website becomes a tool that engages prospects and encourages return visits.

This builds your brand as an authority and strong competitor online.


User Experience Testing

By making the experience more intuitive for users and helping them navigate through the funnel, the result is more inquiries for your sales team.


Communications build brand awareness and introduce new prospects to your brand and products.  Through email campaigns, blog post, and press releases, new prospects will learn about your products and your current customers’ perceptions will strengthen.

Graphic Design

By building a library of sales brochures and keeping other collateral, such as trade show booths, within brand guidelines, prospects and customers will immediately recognize services and products.

These brochures and collateral increase brand awareness and educate prospects about products and services.