Digital Branding Agency

We love to partner with small businesses to help build a brand!  Black Bear Design is a small business branding agency that looks at the brand from a digital perspective.  We focus on building a brand online, which has a longer life span and better ROI.  Let us show you how we develop a brand.

Brand Audit

We want to hear what you’re saying about your brand. We will walk through a series of questions to determine many important factors such as where your brand currently is and where you’re wanting to take your brand.  This is a vital step in the branding process, and it’s pretty fun too!  Every client takes a picture of our branding wall before they leave the office; that speaks to how much we all learn in this meeting.

For StoneKor, we started out with a blank wall and a few specific questions.  An hour and a half later, we had a mission statement and a job to do!

Branding Agency Wall

Wall Of Brands

Brand Perception

Having a clear picture of your brand allows us to properly understand it’s perception in the marketplace. How does your brand stand up to the competition? What is the competition? By measuring where your brand currently stands, we can help define what is necessary to move your brand into the future.  We develop the messaging and framework for the brand using the information we learned in the audit.

For StoneKor, we created a message that made sense to all three of his personas.  We dug down to the core items customers needed to understand, and built a message to fit all three basic needs.

Branding Agency

Brand Messaging

Brand Implementation

Based on our research and the approved brand expectations, we will conceptualize and design a brand mark that will create a connection with your target market, bring interest and encourage action.  This brand implementation would be deliverables such as a logo, messaging, business cards, website, and more. All of these materials will be at the forefront of building your brand, along with the way you react to customers and how customers react to you.

By now for StoneKor, branding is getting easier and easier.  We want to showcase the equipment on the homepage because it’s so sleek and sexy!  What is more sexy than floor grinding equipment? We have a nice hero shot with the benefit of using the equipment, and tabbed areas underneath to show the options.

brand website

Brand Supporting Website

Brand Strategy

Now that you have an identity, how will you use it? A branding agency might get you this far, however you may be ready for a digital marketing agency;  we are good at doing just that! We can develop a marketing strategy that helps the brand you have developed put it’s best foot forward.  We need to propagate your brand into the world through strategies such as social media, content creation, blog post, eBooks, white papers, video, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

For Stonekor, we decided to try Facebook and Twitter to propagate the brand first. We had great results building fans in only 3 weeks!  We used Twitter at a trade show in Las Vegas and had conversations with around 50 people.  If you think, “what’s so special about that? I talk to all kinds of people at trade shows.”  The interesting thing about it was that we were in Atlanta!  Remember, social media has no geographical boundaries!


Facebook Growth 3 Weeks


twitter branding

“Local” Twitter Conversation 3,000 Miles Away

Our Retained Services Approach

Our retained services packages includes branding, website development, social media, content creation, inbound marketing, blogging, PPC, SEO, SEM, and much more.  Everything you need to have a digital marketing department is included in our packages.  Contact us today for pricing and options.