Cinnamon Shore

The Cinnamon Shore website was built on the WordPress application.  A distinctive beach resort which attracts people from around the world, we wanted the feeling of the opening home page to dictate the setting and tone for the website.  We broke the site up into multiple landing pages beginning with the real estate landing page, a rentals landing page and a weddings and events landing page.  This allows us to market these landing pages across the internet and contain all the information a user needs to draw them in.

The site includes a blog and news section in order to create content and post updates including special events and seasonal specials.  A real estate management system is also included.

Multiple marketing pieces were built in conjunction with the website, and marketing efforts are ongoing.

About Cinnamon Shore

Seeing the perfect design of Cinnamon Shore on paper is one thing, but living it is another. Complete with classic family-friendly neighborhoods and all the comforts and conveniences of everyday living, Cinnamon Shore has been meticulously planned down to every last detail. From a myriad of activities, such as shopping and dining, to quiet parks and tranquil ponds, everything is within walking distance, especially along any of the numerous sidewalk-lined streets.

There is a true balance within Cinnamon Shore. Without the cul-de-sacs and cookie-cutter houses typical of today’s less inviting places, the community is based on a simple grid system where every home is different and vibrant, yet built in the vintage and distinctive gulf coast architectural style. Each block has characteristics all its own; with everything within walking distance, it’s easy to see them all. The Town Center is no different. Beautifully landscaped and uniquely designed, the Town Center is the heart of Cinnamon Shore, housing quaint shops, delectable restaurants, and an open green village-perfect for social gatherings. It all comes together to form a perfect mixture of traditional and modern living.