Brookdale Group

The Brookdale Group had a unique set of deliverables in the web package.  First we needed a content management system so the company can add and update the multiple pages that make up the investment properties.  Second we needed pdf creation on the fly so users could print what they see.  Third we needed a secure login section so company assigned users could log in to see their files.

Breadcrumbs and large graphics make it user friendly and easy to navigate.

About Brookdale Group

The Brookdale Group is a privately held commercial real estate investment company founded in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia. Through its sponsored closed-end investment funds, Brookdale makes commercial real estate investments on behalf of the firm's principals and institutional co-investment partners.

Since its formation, Brookdale has sponsored six investment funds which have focused on making "value-add" real estate investments (primarily in office properties) located within the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Southwest regions of the United States.