Talus Technology

We gave this client a new, fresh look from their existing logo that was developed over 10 years ago. The direction was to keep the colors the same while ensuring the font treatment looked more like a professional technology firm.

Our designers thoughtfully sketched out different ideas before applying different styles of types. We researched other competition and various distribution modules.

The final design was a combination of Talus’ technical knowledge of the supply chain process. We showed movement and rotation within the logo, similar to how businesses continuously change. Talus Technology solutions integrates in much the same way with client business processes and modules to their clients.

About Talus Technology

Talus Technology is a consulting group assisting Solomon VARS with the sales and implementation of Solomon’s new Distribution Series modules. Combining deep technical knowledge of the Order Management, Inventory, and Purchasing modules with business knowledge of supply chain processes, Talus Technology staff can work with VAR teams as sub-contractors to rapidly implement the Distribution Series for small and mid-sized businesses.