Sting Communications

Sting Communications logo was created with 4 key communication aspects in mind: Event Planning, Copywriting, Public Relations and Branding, all part of what every company should entail in order to be successful! Our designers carefully constructed this logo with the idea that each of these services are part of a communication process that begins at the bottom and works it’s way up! We developed the logo in 2 colors with various screens to show movement. The deep reds represent excitement, energy and strength, great for company growth and determination.

Upon completion of the logo, Sting Communications launched their new website!

About Sting Communications

Sting Communications was established in 2004 by Mya Padmore with a goal to provide winning integrated marketing communications solutions for organizations operating in unique markets. Since then we have expanded our network across Africa, North America, Europe, parts of the Middle East and Asia. From small start-up companies and leading multinationals to governments, municipalities and non-profits, Sting Communications has a successful track record in managing meaningful projects across the globe.