Shadberry’s founder and owner contacted us to design a logo for her new, up-and-coming handbag collection. Handbag and accessory collections need a logotype that makes their collection stand out among its competition. The owner is putting her own hand into the making of her company, so we decided to use a handwritten script to give it a personal feel. Two Shadbush leaves add simple, yet effective branding elements that will take this from a logo to a distinguishing mark. The deep plum and red hues are slightly monochromatic; yet give off enough contrast which compliment each other perfectly. 

About Shadberry

The name Shadberry came from the flowering Shadbush, which grows all over the coast of North America. The bush produces small, dark red berries similar to the blueberry. As a brand, Shadberry will bring high fashion and contemporary pieces to the handbag and accessory market. We are excited to be a part of this growing company and to watch it grow in success in the future!