Dragoon Fightwear

The design process for this specific logo was a team effort. We all sat down with sketchpads and spent some time seriously thinking about how this design would make Dragoon Fightwear stand out as the ultimate fighting brand.

We researched historical fight wear, current fight wear brands and picked out distinguishingly strong symbols to take this logo to the next level. The end result is a bold and powerful mark that will make Dragoon Fightwear stand out among the toughest competition.

The owners of Dragoon FightWear had a vision to deliver quality, affordable products to a new generation of fighters in training. In order to do that, they needed a symbol. It had to be bold and powerful to reflect the strength and dedication of their target audience yet simple and catchy enough to make a lasting impression. This logo will adorn a number of MMA related products, and thus had to be flexible enough to be broken down into its individual components, which could stand on their own, yet still represent the whole vision.

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