Hartybake Logo Design

As new business owners, the developers of Hartybake came to us with a specific vision for their company. Heritage, stability and value were very important aspects to include in the overall logo design. Incorporating the Franconian crest was also important, because it represents the region of Germany of which the owners originate.  This logo will be used on outdoor signage, packaging and other marketing collateral so it was important to design with flexibility in mind. In the end, we created a successful mark that held to their business philosophy and conveyed all aspects of the owners’ vision. 

About Hartybake

Hartybake is an industrial baking company focusing on providing superior quality artisan breads. Although steeped in tradition, bakery products and tastes in bread are constantly changing and evolving. Over the past two decades the American baking industry has been introducing Americans to higher quality breads from different regions of the world.