Pyramid Principles

To explain the Learning Philosophies and Description of Pyramid, a 5”x5” brochure was designed. Our designers took a unique approach and we produced an unusual size filled with information about each of the learning books that Pyramid produces for learning professionals. The exterior backbone of the brochure was created to show the strength, as the brochure name, The Power of Pyramid. It is colorful and bright in nature, as children show their many colors when learning new things. The brochure does not stand still; instead, it has the upward movement to indicate cycles and the levels or steps children take when learning and relearning.

The final piece cover was printed on coverstock with inside pages on a glossy stock to bring out the diagrams with full color shine. This piece was then produced to a mini CD to hand out to potential teachers and directors of schools.

About Pyramid Principles

A Holistic, Balanced Highly Intentional Curriculum For All Children Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk is dedicated to developing and refining Pyramid into an intentional curriculum with a strong methodology that translates meaningful learning into projects that are fun and exciting.