Easy Pay

With three easy steps, the Easy Pay bifold brochure was designed in full color, with uncomplicated, simple to read text. The Easy Pay Smart Case is featured, which is a vital component to the Easy Pay system. The Easy Pay Smart Case is the smart way to manage your finances…in style! For a quick and easy reference guide, Steps One, Two and Three were listed on the back cover of the brochure. Customers are able to easily identify how to use this elegantly, crafted case.

About Easy Pay

We’ve all experienced the stress and late fees from misplaced bills and late or skipped payments. Easy Pay Smart Case’s simple, three-step approach to organized bill paying takes the worry out of financial management. Its easy-to-use filing system is portable and compact so you can use it anywhere. For personal use and business, the foolproof system helps you establish a monthly budget, pay bills on time without penalty and plan for future expenses.