Aim Steel

AIM Steel International came to us looking for a logo that would represent their company as one of top leaders in steel manufacturing in the world. As a global company, we wanted to design a logotype that would make this steel company stand out over the competition.  Our design team created an image that represents strength and stability- a key factor in steel manufacturing. The gradient accents add eye-catching detail to the design that mimics the way real metal shines when light reflects off of it. Going one step further to tie everything in, we designed a set of stainless steel business cards with the company’s logo and contact information engraved into it allowing AIM Steel International to leave an extraordinary lasting impression with their clients.

After the logotype and business cards were created, we needed to complete the company’s business stationary set. We simply took the silver and blue gradient branding elements found in the logo and carried them over to the rest of the system. By using the same branding elements, we were able to make the entire stationary system look consistent and professional. Creating these “stable” and “strong” branding elements at the beginning of this process was key into developing AIM Steel International’s reputation in their industry.

Lastly, we developed the company brochure insert packet for AIM Steel International. This would be used to give to clients and during presentations so it needed to look professional, but also creative. The interior insert pages are printed on a classic gray architectural stock, carrying out the metallic branding element of the company. The exterior folder is bright silver thick cardstock held together by metal brads designed to look like screw and bolts. Even the smallest touches can bring out creativity in any project!

AIM Steel International

AIM Steel International’s rapid growth since its inception in Panama has been the product of combining a successful consolidation strategy of management and partnerships. Since setting up operations in different countries including a strong presence in the United States, AIM Steel International has increased its annual production capacity to handle major complex projects from high rises to major industrial. With employees across countries, AIM Steel International is one of the leading Global steel managers, fabricators/engineers, and has been recommended by the USA Department of Defense, as well as many foreign countries, private, & government sectors.