Real Estate Ecommerce Website Development

The Institute of Real Estate Development & Investment is an online, interactive, educational website geared towards real estate professionals who want to learn to become real estate developers.  The ecommerce website is built on a content management system and boast features such as a student login, student forum, automated email marketing and interactive videos.

About The Institute of Real Estate Development & Investment

Traditionally, there are two methods to enter the real estate development business. The first method is to work for a real estate developer and learn as you go. Today, however, most real estate developers have either reduced their staff or retired so opportunities to learn from the ground up are limited. The second method is to invest a great deal of time (1 to 2 years) and money ($20,000 to $60,000) into a graduate degree with a focus in real estate development. Although that education can be valuable, the coursework in those programs is often more theory than practical applications.