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Scuf gaming, a fast growing company that provides advanced gaming controllers, has an ecommerce presence in three different countries and two different languages.  The company grew so quickly, that the website technology was being outpaced.  Scuf had a great framework, although it had challenges that had to be addressed.  Mainly the site was not responsive and was difficult to navigate.

We started with a complete rebuild in a responsive framework, using the brand Scuf had built as the guide.  We put a special emphasis on the custom controller builder, as it was nearly impossibly to design a controller using the older technology.  We made it very intuitive to build a custom controller on any device, such as desktop, tablet or even your mobile phone.

Next, the navigation was a little confusing and the architecture was difficult to build upon.  We built in a very comprehensive navigation system so that we could highlight products within the navigation itself.  Although very feature rich on desktop, the navigation still functions very well on mobile devices.

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