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AshTech Industries hired Black Bear Design to create a logo that would best represent the function their company performs, which is reclaiming value from municipal incinerator ash. They wanted some sort of “fire bird” or phoenix incorporated to represent rising up from the ashes. This logo needed to have simple lines since it will be used across various┬ásubstrates including metal and vinyl cutouts, imprints, and branding of machinery.

After touring AshTech’s jobsite to gain a better understanding of their processes, we created an abstracted phoenix design with clean lines. A metallic finish and black accents add interest and dimension to the shape. The shape can still be used as a flat cutout, making it possible to use as intended across multiple substrates. The colors coincide with the products produced by AshTech and the tagline perfectly describes what the company does.

We can’t wait to see how AshTech uses their new logo, and look forward to their next project!

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