Anderock Logo Design

Our designers created the “tough as rock” concept to instill the strong, inner belief of the person wearing it. We brought this t-shirt to life with the washed out and tough look for those that have a drive to win and be their best. This black and white logo was to become a screen print on colored shirts, bringing out the effects contained within the logo. 

About Anderock

Anderock (on-der-ock) - It is an idea, a notion, a movement, a way of life. The word Anderock embodies a true meaning to take on the world, to dominate the outdoors, to win at life. It is a term with adventure at the heart of its core.

At Anderock we are a company with the mission to encourage the true inner spirit of conquering life's greatest feats. Beyond embracing challenge, determination, and shear will-power - Anderock offers apparel and gear to encompass the full meaning of taking on life with true gumption. To further engage in our commitment to life – with the purchase of every Anderock item, we proudly donate 10% of all sales to charity. It is our way to keep our mission perspective on where it needs to be in giving ourselves away.

So go…..take life on with full strength ….the world awaits!