Company Logo Design

Your logo is important to your company. As a professional logo design company, we believe that a logo is where your brand starts. It is your first impression! Our small business logo design services will help you make that impression remarkable.

Professional Logo Design

Our goal is to design a professional company logo that reflects your company spirit and leaves a lasting effect.

Whether you are starting a new business or rebranding your current look, contact us today to help you create a logo that truly represents your company.  You may view a few samples of past logo design projects in our  portfolio, or see more about our logo design process below.

"Black Bear Design Group helped us with coming up for a truly innovative, fun, and memorable logo for our company. With our very scattered and limited input they were able to gauge the general idea we were conveying. Always on time and quick to respond it has been a pleasure working with BBDG and we look forward to using them on many of our future projects."
HartybakeMike Gerhard

business logo design audit

During the audit phase, we really get to know the business.  We go through a series of questions and discover where the business is currently and what the vision looks like.  During this exercise, we map out the challenges and craft a plan for the logo design.

logo design

Next, the fun starts!  The logo design phase is where we start to craft the design.  This process starts with a little brainstorming, some rough sketches and then to digital design.  We design several proofs that we feel helps the business overcome the challenges.  We then pick the ones that are most appropriate and present them to the client.

logo design revise

After we present the design, there will be revisions.  We use all of our expertise and knowledge to present the best logo design possible, although the best product always comes out of collaboration with the client.  You know your business better than anyone, so we want to look outside in, present a logo design that solves challenges, then revise it so that it a perfect representation of your business.

logo design finalize

The last steps are the finishing touches.  You will need multiple formats immediately and down the road.  We’re going to get you everything you need in one package.  If you need help adding it to your website or business cards, we can help with those task as well.  The point is, we did it!  High fives and yahoos all around.

It’s Easy To Get Started!

Getting started is easy, just give us a call at 678-534-1143 or contact us through our web form. We have a proven 4 step process that makes designing a logo easy and fun. Our goal is to develop a great business logo to represent your company well.