Facebooks New Business Page Design with Timeline


Facebooks new business page design with timeline view launching?  Ok, what???  Where was I when Facebook released this news?  We were right in the middle of an awesome Facebook business page design when the ball dropped on us.  So it looks like Facebook is forcing another change for business pages on its users.  Here is what Facebook had to say: 

Facebook Pages have a new look. Preview the new design now and read common questions about the changes below. All Pages will upgrade to the new design on March 30, 2012.

Not a lot of great information or notice with this message.  So I had to dig in deeper and found some important information.  The new look is going to be the timeline look, which does allow for a nicely designed banner, but a complete shift in standard page design from a marketing and design standpoint.

Facebook Banner Design, Timeline View

Facebook Banner Design, Timeline View

Just as a comparison from the old design specs below, you can see the drastic difference.  The page design I was referring to earlier, based on the old pages will not work on the new Facebook pages at all.  This is going to require a redesign of many business Facebook page graphics.  

The Old Facebook Design Specs

The Old Facebook Design Specs


New and Missing Features in Facebooks New Business Page Design

A few key things business should jump on immediatley to be ready for the switch is covers. Facebook does a great job at describing what a cover is.

What’s a cover? How do I add a cover image to my Facebook Page?
A cover is the larger image at the top of your Page, right above your Page’s profile picture. Like your profile picture, cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your Page will be able to see them.

One of the most important changes is the way Facebook handles landing pages.  Many of our clients as well as many companies worldwide, have landing pages set up on Facebook to highlight items and services.  When a new visitor comes in to the site, they are shown the landing page with options to click and be directed to company defined locations, whether on Facebook or externally.  Facebook says the new business pages will NOT have this feature.  You will have to direct users to these pages by a specific link to the landing page.

How do I change the default landing view for people visiting my Page?
For Pages with timelines, people will always see the timeline view of your Page when they visit it. Views and apps are now easy to find right below your Page’s cover. You can’t change the default landing view to another view or app, but you can link people directly to a particular view or app on your Page. Find the URL for a view or app on your Page in the web address bar of your browser when you visit that view or app.
Old Facebook Landing Page Design

Old Facebook Landing Page Design

There are many additional changes as well, including pinning post to the top of the timeline, that may coming in handy.  Facebook has an entire section dedicated to answering questions and viewing examples.  I’d love to hear if your ready for the new business page design and what your ideas are to make it creative and useful.  For us, its a good thing.  People will need to update their Facebook page layouts and graphic, and we just happen to do that!


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  • I’m not very happy about losing the landing pages. I had just revised my own landing page, then the next day published my new timeline. Poof, no ore landing page. Maybe will put that info in a pinned post and re-pin it every seven days (their limit for pinned posts). 

    • If your linking to facebook from your blog or website, you can put the url directly to that landing page. Its not a total was, just more difficult.

  • Asia

    facebook is losing it , this is killing for businesses that the landing page can not show, realy bad move from facebook. I cancel my facebook page because a lot doing that now they hate the timeline.

    • Yes, I dont like that you cant designate landing pages any longer.

  • Formaly facebook fan

    I dont like the timeline , and that we are not able to change back to our landing pages. Is a useless feature and the way facebook is doing arfe not the nice way. For business facebook si going to be a less interesting tool. They should make it possible to let the users choose what they want to show and when they want a app to show let them, with the url they always used.

    (*@^$ facebook

    • I like the name, formerly facebook fan!  I guess when you have half a billion users, you think you can force changes on people and they dont have a choice.  Until an alternative comes along, were just stuck with it.  And people have been invested in Facebook for so long, I dont even thing they will be able to move away to an alternative.

  • Facebook should have made the feature that would let people choose the old page style and timeline style. They cannot force people to use their way! 

    • narayannaidu

      Unless you are ready o pay a price for a feature you want… Facebook can change what ever and however they want. Again even if u pay they still can do changes. with the astrix Conditions apply