About The Project

We visited Eye Care 4 Kidz to get a sense of feel and direction they wanted to achieve. While developing this logo, we wanted the primary focus to be geared towards children of all ages. Working off the concept from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we developed the logo with a variation of colors to represent warmth, safety and excellence.

Because diagnosis and treatment of a child’s vision is imperative to the learning and academic aspects of their life, we focused on glasses and children smiling within this brand, giving a sense of emotional connection for children with vision needs.


"Black Bear Design has been instrumental in taking our concept and creating a design that speaks for the company!  Randee was extremely professional during each step of the process, from the initial consult to the countless follow ups and revisions of the design.  Often times she would simply drop an email to check on the progress of not only of the design, but to see how the building process was going of the practice."
Dr Lenoir
Dr. Andre LenoirOwner/Physician Eye Care 4 Kidz

About Eye Care For Kids

Eye Care 4 Kidz is designed to provide the highest quality optometry services to children. The idea was brought about because we wanted to create a fun and warming environment for children to help foster both academic success and overall well being by providing children with the best possible vision. Good vision is essential in a child's development in academic learning. When vision problems go undetected in children most often can have trouble reading or may have difficulties copying notes from the board. Some common symptoms may include fatigue towards the end of the school day, headaches, or frustrations when doing homework, which may sometimes be sometimes be mistakenly labeled as dyslexia or learning disabilities. We strongly believe in early diagnosis and treatment of children's vision to prepare them for successful academic achievement for years to come.