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 8 Ways to Breeze Through the Revisions Process on a Creative Project

Posted on 02/26/18 by

Great design is not just an end result. It’s a process that involves discussing ideas, coming up with solutions, creating drafts, and testing prototypes. That’s how your agency will get to the beautiful result, your project.

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Why Video Must be an Integral Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on 10/24/17 by

Have you been thinking about creating video content to promote your business, but just aren’t sure if it’s worth your time and effort? We’ve mentioned before the influence video will have on marketing in the future and, in almost every industry, it is worth the work for the impact it can have. Let’s start with […]

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How Organic Social Media Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on 05/30/17 by

Hello again! It’s me Lauren, the Social Media Strategist here at Black Bear. Thanks for joining me for part 2 of how paid and organic reach can affect your business’ social media presence. In my last blog, we discussed how to create a winning Facebook ad, which falls into the realm of paid reach. Paid […]

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A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Ad

Posted on 05/19/17 by

Hello! Black Bear Social Media Strategist here! One of the things I’m asked almost monthly is how I create a Facebook Ads for our clients. Every month, every week even, it seems like our clients are rolling out the next great idea, the next best landing page for their new service or product, or a […]

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Breaking Down Walls: The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Posted on 05/11/17 by

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. People are prone to do things, buy things, and alternatively, reject things, just by listening to popular opinion. Take Yelp for instance, you might refer to the opinions of others who have tried a restaurant before you try it yourself. Their experience influences your decision to act or […]

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How To: Make the Most Out of a Conference or Trade Show

Posted on 04/11/17 by

If there’s one thing the marketing industry has no shortage of it’s conferences, meetups, and workshops. In 2017 alone there are more than 250 conferences around the world. Here in Atlanta, we have a wealth of workshops, networking events, and even a few conferences stopping through on national tours. Whichever event you choose to attend, […]

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How to Grow Your Instagram for Business

Posted on 03/27/17 by

In March 2017, Instagram reached a milestone of its millionth active monthly advertiser. Similarly, there are currently over 600 million monthly active users on the platform in whole. As such, this platform is not one to ignore and actually quite easy to utilize as a business! So we’ve compiled a few of the most useful […]

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The Rise of Augmented Reality and Marketing

Posted on 03/08/17 by

If you’ve been on YouTube in the last few months (and, statistically speaking, you have), you might have noticed one of the running ads that play at the start of every video. It’s for the New York Times’ new virtual reality app, aptly named NYTVR. That’s right, one of the oldest print materials is blowing […]

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If Your Agency Isn’t Using Sharpspring, Your Clients Are Missing Out On Leads, Conversions, and Profits.

Posted on 01/18/17 by

A marketing agency without marketing automation. Sounds funny right? To call yourself an agency, it is essential that you take advantage of modern marketing tools, or you will simply be left in the dust.   What is marketing automation?   Marketing automation is a blanket term for tools that automate and ultimately make marketing easier. […]

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How Instagram is Becoming a Millennial Marketing Treasure Trove

Posted on 11/29/16 by

There has never been a generation raised to be more technologically savvy than the Millennials. A group that now makes up the largest living generation in the U.S., is coming of age to be the newest wave of buyers, thinkers, and influencers in today’s market. From a marketing standpoint, it’s vital to understand what influences […]

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