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Posted on 09/28/16 by

Remember those shiny, gold trophies you got as a kid for winning the soccer championships or for making it to the softball tournament? Or those blue and gold ribbons for swimming your heart out? By now, you’ve probably put them in storage or flat out gotten rid of them. Here at Black Bear, we’re sentimental […]

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Creating Masterpieces Requires a Solid Creative Process

Posted on 08/05/16 by

We’ve all been there. We’re staring at the ceiling, flipping a pen through our fingers, deleting and retyping what we just wrote in search of something better. Something catchier. Oh, writer’s block, you truly are a pain! But what about other creatives? How do they handle a creative block, what’s their creative process? We talked […]

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Flat & Handmade: 2016 Logo Trends

Posted on 07/22/16 by

Golden arches. An apple with a bite out of it. A rainbow peacock. Chances are, McDonald’s, Apple and NBC came to mind when you saw those words. Why? Because these brands have memorable logos that aren’t easily forgotten. And while these logos are classic and not likely to change anytime soon, the world of design […]

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What Your Business Card Says About You

Posted on 03/20/16 by

Your business card is your first and sometimes only opportunity to make a good impression.  Not having a business card at all is no longer an option. In a world of endless networking opportunities, we need to have a seamless way to exchange information. More than anything, you want your business card to reflect who […]

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Black Bear Launches a New Site: BlackBear.Agency

Posted on 10/30/15 by

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new site, We designed this site to be a streamlined presentation of our company, the skills we possess, and the services we provide. Collaboration and dedication were critical to the site’s launch. Our team worked endlessly to make this site happen and we are […]

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Choosing the Right Font for the Job

Posted on 09/09/15 by

Font choice seems like a daunting task. There are millions of fonts available for your use. The hard part is not finding a font, but finding the right font. There are no simple rules about font choice, but don’t despair. At Black Bear Design Group, our designers have a few tips to help you narrow down […]

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Business Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Card Marketing

Posted on 03/04/15 by

How to Make Your Business Card Work for You Your company business card is a direct extension of your business. Designed correctly, it can also be a very effective tool for marketing your company and yourself to prospective clients. During networking seminars, your business card is your one chance to make a great impression. Chances […]

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Black Bear Recognizes 10 New Trends in 2015 Logo Design

Posted on 02/16/15 by

From the days of hand cut letterforms, through the wave of digital technology and into current day, logo design has wonderfully transformed, adapted and shape-shifted. What logo design trends lie ahead in 2015? If you’re in the process of changing your logo design, or planning a re-fresh of your existing brand for your business, then you’ll love today’s […]

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Your Guide to Understanding Graphic Design Basics

Posted on 01/02/15 by

Like any industry, graphic design has its own language; using words familiar only to those in the trenches. The joy of outsourcing graphic design projects is the benefit of working with experts. Just as you might rely on others to fix your car, you can hire professionals to create or promote your brand. But just as […]

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The Elements of Effective Brochure Design

Posted on 11/18/14 by

You might think that a physical brochure isn’t necessary anymore in this digital era, but guess again. A professionally designed and printed brochure can be a vital tool.  When you meet someone face-to-face for the first time, whether it be at an event, tradeshow or an initial sales meeting, you take the time to learn […]

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