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The main goal of a landing page, if summed up in one word, would be focus. 

When a potential customer/client comes to your landing page, you want their experience to be clear and focused on the product or service your wanting them to engage with. With so many distractions available online, keeping someone’s attention is of utmost importance. It will make all the difference between random web traffic and a conversion in sales. There are several things you can do to help achieve this goal.

Bell Law Firm Landing Page

Bell Law Firm Landing Page

1. Make sure that all the content on this landing page relates to the goal of this page. Even though your page should still match your main site with its branding, you should take out anything not relating to the main message of the landing page, even the site’s navigation. The less amount of links that could lead your user from your landing page, the better. 

 2. Use the same wording from the ad/button/link  as the headline on your landing page. This will help guide your using more effectively as a change in wording could lead to confusion.

 3. Clearly show your product/service’s value. Don’t make the page too text heavy. Keep it clear and succinct, using bullet points where applicable. Also use images of your product or service being used in context. Video explaining or showing the product or service has also been show to dramatically improve conversion rates. 

 4. Use a clear call to action. What is the main thing your wanting your customer to do? Buy a product? Is it filling out a form? Post to social media? Make sure this action is clearly shown and defined. You can use visual cues, such as arrows, paths, contrasting areas, etc. to guide the customer to this area. Also, don’t have to make this call to action only at the bottom of the page, it can be place towards the top of the page as well, to make sure the customer see’s it when they first come to the page.

 5. Lastly, if available, show testimonials and social media postings demonstrating other customers having participated in this call to action and have been pleased with the results.

With a clear and succinct message, pictures and videos of your product or service in use, an easily recognizable call to action and testimonials of other satisfied customers, you will have a the right combination to help your users find a valuable product or service and create a long-term customer for you!.

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  1. Rk says:

    A plus point of hiring a website designing companies is that you don’t have to go anywhere in terms of promoting your company as these companies helps you to get global access by hiring  a domain through which you can host your website on world wide web that is accessible all over the world.

  2. Great article. I like everything you said and was thinking you might want to add a paragraph about SEO for a landing page.

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