Pinterest as a Marketing Tool: Part 2


Feeling like a pro after reading our last post? Great! We have a few more tips that are sure to jumpstart your Pinterest marketing efforts. Let’s go!


Be Rich

Among Pinterest’s many offerings are their rich pins. Aptly named (they perform incredibly well), these pins include more information on the pin than standard pins. A look at Pinterest for Business’s page reveals that there are six types of rich pins that your business can utilize. These include:

  • App: these include an install button so users can easily download your app without being redirected (for now, iOS only)
  • Movie: imagine looking at a pin and being able to see ratings, the cast and reviews. This is exactly what the rich movie pin offers
  • Recipe: ingredients, cook time and serving information can be found on these pins
  • Article: these have the headline, author and brief story overview
  • Product: these are every retailer’s dream—real-time pricing and information on where to buy the product
  • Place: you can find the map, address and phone number all on the pin itself

These pins are worth their weight in gold, but do take a minute to set up. You’ll need to add meta tags to your website and test out your pins. Once you’ve done this, you will apply to get your pins on Pinterest. Trust us though, rich pins get 82 percent more pins and repins—well worth it.

Social is for Sharing

Pinterest is no exception when it comes to sharing on social media. You want people to share your content, so you need to share yours outside of Pinterest, too! This can be a weekly pin of the week on your other social media channels directed at driving traffic to your Pinterest page. An example of great copy for a pin of the week could be: Check out the pin of the week that has inspired our next design project! Who else is loving the shiplap trend? It encourages people to go view the pin, but also creates a conversation around the pin (instead of a sales pitch).

Another method of sharing your pins is to share them in your newsletters and email blasts. Not only are these fun ways to break up text-heavy content, they drive traffic to your Pinterest page.

Engage with the Community


Pinterest is a very community-based platform, which means that you need to interact with your community. Follow other pinners that are relevant to your business and comment on, share and like their pins. Now, we’re not saying go crazy and like everything, but rather, engage with pins that relate to your business and you find interesting. On the flip side, quickly respond to any comments or messages you receive to facilitate relationship building. Pinterest is a more casual platform, so be friendly and personable when interacting with your audience.

Everything Else

With so many innovative brands changing the face of social media marketing, it’s hard to talk about every new strategy that we find, but the above should get you well on your way. A few other strategies that could be a blog post in themselves are:

  • Utilizing SEO
  • Creating a board solely for blog posts
  • Leveraging Pinterest analytics to improve your content
  • Inviting influencers or fans to collaborate on one of your boards
  • Building relationships with influencers
  • Diversifying your content

If you’re struggling to create a Pinterest (or social) media strategy, drop on by. We live for social media and can’t wait to get you pinning. Happy pinning!

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