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Google Search

Should I put as much information on my website as possible?

Don't Data Dump on Me In 2002 the term "Google it" was recognized as the "most useful word of the ...
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SEO & Internet Marketing

How to Gain Better Results on Search Engines

For years companies big and small have tried to outwit the search engines in order to gain a better results ...
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Has Changed Everything

Social Media,talking specifically about Twitter for this blog, came on the scene. And what it did was to give the ...
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Google Analytics Email Report

How to change or remove Google Analytics weekly email

I have been trying for some time to figure out how to change or even stop the Google Analytics weekly ...
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Setup Wordpress Categories

Step by Step SEO Part 8

So last week in Step by Step SEO Part 7, we set up webmaster tools, reviewed a WebCEO report and ...
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Optimizing Pages for specific search terms

Step by Step SEO Part 7

This week in Step by Step SEO part 7, we will be looking at reports, making some suggested updates, creating ...
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On Page SEO

Step By Step SEO Part 6

So this week in Step by Step SEO part 6, we will be taking about backlinks. Over the past few ...
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Link Title Text

Step By Step SEO Part 5

If your just joining, run back to Step By Step SEO Part 1 and get caught up.  Were getting a ...
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WebCEO Website Optimization

Step By Step SEO Part 4

So this week in part 4 of our Step By Step SEO series, we will set up additional reporting and ...
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Open Directory Project

Step By Step SEO Part 3

This week in Step by Step SEO, a real world example of a week to week SEO process for an ...
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Step By Step SEO Part 2

Step By Step SEO Part 2

The continuation of our step by step SEO series as we optimize and work with an Atlanta Attorney.  If you ...
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Step By Step SEO

Step By Step SEO

I just started a new SEO project for an Atlanta Attorney, and decided I am going to blog about the ...
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Google Plus Annotations

Google +1 Adds Annotations Like Facebook

Google +1 is stepping it up with annotations next to the +1 button, somewhat like the Facebook like button.  As ...
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Google +

Google +1 Button Showing in Search Results

As I have posted about recently, Google is integrating social connections into their search results.  Well, the people over at ...
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Safari Tracking

Web Tracking and Do Not Track

Tracking users and movement across our websites has always been a golden ticket into the minds of our users.  We ...
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Googles Social Network

Good SEO Practices

Im sure you have searched for things in the past and came up with search results that were not exactly ...
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