Progressive Locker Room Commercial


When I first saw this progressive locker room commercial, I knew it had to be a spoof of something, I just couldn’t figure out what.  I really still don’t know what, I was hoping you may know.  Progressive says it’s an after school special throwback on their website.  Any ideas what this progressive commercial really means?

I love this Geico scape goat commercial as well.


3 responses to “Progressive Locker Room Commercial”

  1. jjj says:

    This was an old commercial that the parodied. It was a football player pep-talking a kid. Can’t remember what for but I think might have been Joe Namath??

  2. John Cedar says:

    Ha! I got here searching for the answer to the same question. Seems like there was a commercial back around the time when the mean Joe green coke commercial came out, with a kid in a locker room and a pro athlete came in and gave him a pep talk. But damn if I can remember it.

    At the same time it reminds me of the Brady Bunch pep talks that dad used to give the kids. The Brady bunch “clobbered” episode has one such talk in it. The background music is similar too if you strip off the brady bunch melody .

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