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Key Maintenance Updates for Your PPC Accounts During COVID-19

Key Maintenance Updates for Your PPC Accounts During COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting our society in many ways, but its economic impact is especially significant. Between business shutdowns and employee ...
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What is PPC Advertising and Why Should My Business Use it?

What is PPC Advertising and Why Should My Business Use it?

You know your business has a lot to offer – the key is helping all your prospective customers see that ...
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How To Create SEO Content Your Audience Craves

Everyone needs to stand out in the crowd, especially businesses looking to use digital marketing to turn leads into conversions ...
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Measuring Social Media Success and ROI

Social media generates value for a brand. But just how tangibly can we see this? ...
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Video Marketing Strategy: The Future Will Be Televised

Think of your favorite Super Bowl ad from the last few years. The one that you brought up at lunch ...
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image of woman looking at ipad understanding google analytics

Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Site Traffic

Welcome to the ultimate website secret decoder ring: Google Analytics ...
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ecommerce SEO Tips

Boost Your E-commerce Sales & Traffic with These Powerful SEO Strategies

So when was the last time you walked into a mall just for shopping? Well, if you ask me, it ...
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Email Marketing: How to Do it Right

Email Marketing: How To Do It Right

You need to do something special if you want your emails to be opened, valued, and engaged with. Here are ...
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8 Ways to Breeze Through the Revisions Process on a Creative Project

Great design is not just an end result. It’s a process that involves discussing ideas, coming up with solutions, creating ...
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Why Video Must be an Integral Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you been thinking about creating video content to promote your business, but just aren’t sure if it’s worth your ...
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How Organic Social Media Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

Hello again! It’s me Lauren, the Social Media Strategist here at Black Bear. Thanks for joining me for part 2 ...
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A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Ad

Hello! Black Bear Social Media Strategist here! One of the things I’m asked almost monthly is how I create a ...
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influencer marketing blog black bear design

Breaking Down Walls: The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. People are prone to do things, buy things, and alternatively, reject things, just ...
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how to make the most out of a conference blog black bear design

How To: Make the Most Out of a Conference or Trade Show

If there’s one thing the marketing industry has no shortage of it’s conferences, meetups, and workshops. In 2017 alone there ...
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How to Grow Your Instagram for Business

In March 2017, Instagram reached a milestone of its millionth active monthly advertiser. Similarly, there are currently over 600 million ...
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The Rise of Augmented Reality and Marketing

If you’ve been on YouTube in the last few months (and, statistically speaking, you have), you might have noticed one ...
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