How Do I Change The Ad Text On A Facebook Ad


Recently I was trying to change the ad text on my Facebook ad, but I just could not figure out how to do such a simple thing!  One thing I have noticed about Facebook ads, is they make it really complicated to do easy things!

Good news though, you can edit your text in your Facebook ads!  Here is how, and once you see how, your going to say “duh” just like I did!

First navigate to the ad you want to edit by clicking on the name of the ad.  You will have to navigate through the campaign, the ad set and all the way down to the ad.

edit text on facebook ad

One you are in your ad set and have clicked on it to expand it, look for the edit creative on the left side of the panel as seen above.  Click on that and you will see a box pop up like below.

facebook edit caretive ad

I looked high and low when I found this screen.  I tried editing the text on the right side ad, that didn’t work.  I tried clicking the help editing ad on Facebook and there wasn’t much information there either.  I Googled and tried to find answers and finally found this post on editing a Facebook ad, although it was hard to find the website.  I read through it and realized his screen didn’t look like my screen, so I thought Facebook didn’t allow text editing any longer.  Then it happened, I accidentally scrolled down…duh!

scroll to update facebook text ad

The left panel of the ad creative box will scroll.  There is no indication of this at all, no scroll bar or anything!  But rest assured, you can edit the text on a Facebook ad, just scroll on the left panel on the ad creative box.


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3 responses to “How Do I Change The Ad Text On A Facebook Ad”

  1. Didn’t work for me. That button doesn’t exist.

  2. Thank you! I thought I was losing it because I couldn’t find where to edit my FB ad. So glad I came across your post! 😉

  3. Billy says:

    Help! I have the same problem but the Facebook Ads interface has now changed. I’m totally lost!!!

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