How to Keep the Snooze Fest at Bay


It’s eight am, you haven’t had your coffee yet and your boss just dropped a huge project on you. You’re not awake, let alone ready to tackle a new project that is, quite frankly, a snooze fest. How do you inspire yourself to deliver on this project? Well, coffee definitely helps, but here are a few of our tried-and-true methods to stay motivated and inspired to crank out incredible projects.


Because, Coffee

Starbucks has made most of us so dependent on this delicious little bean that we transform into braindead robots without our daily fix. At Black Bear, we’re no exception. I walk in every morning with my overpriced mocha, or if I’m needing an extra boost, an over the top frappuccino with a few shots of espresso, smothered with whipped cream. Point is, writers need their coffee to jumpstart the morning. I mean, there’s a reason there are coffee shops named after the famed Jack Kerouac!

Sitting at your desk, staring into nothingness, hoping you will have a light bulb moment simply doesn’t work in the morning (for us). We start the morning with a cup of joe and a clear mind. Then and only then do we focus on our projects at hand and inspiring creativity.

Urban Hikes


We are fully aware that we work in a suburban area surrounded by fast food restaurants, car dealerships and new residential developments, but we still love going on walks to spark ideas that keep us going. Simply walking along the sidewalk, hearing the cars rush by and people across the street laughing, taking in all the greenery (Atlanta is a city in the park wherever you go) is enough for our crew to come in feeling refreshed and ready to tackle that tough project. If photographers can draw inspiration from seemingly bland spots, so can we!

Everyone here is a big fan of our weekly gas station treks as well. Because there’s really nothing more inspiring than 24 oz. of Coke for a buck! Can you tell we’re caffeine fiends? Try it on for size and see if this may be your new daily ritual for getting through a pain in the butt project.

Two Brains Are Better Than One


No one ever got anywhere by themselves. Part of the reason Black Bear has been so successful is because we collaborate on everything. Our graphic designer writes killer copy, our project manager can design logos and our web developer can out illustrate anyone. Needless to say, we all have a hand in nearly everything, so when one of us is struggling to finish a project, brainstorming sessions are a happy retreat.

We bounce ideas off each other, mark up the whiteboards, build off each other’s energy and tada! Someone will have an idea that might not work, but one of the words they used sparks a debate to go in another direction, and before we know it, we’ve created eight different ideas and are feeling excited to test out our ideas. We’re pretty casual here, which is why brainstorming works so well for us—there are no rules.

Create an open, no limits conversation and encourage others to join in. You’d be surprised at the ideas a simple word can inspire.

Pinterest-Style Cubicles  

If we’re really bored and can’t seem to get going, our cubicles provide a lot of positivity and vision. We have award posters hung, leafy plants on our desks, photos of friends and family and artwork that all provide the inspiration to start or finish a project. We take our passions seriously and love to display them in our cubicles. Treat your office as a Pinterest board ripe with opportunities to inspire!

Music, Music, Music


At first glance, it may appear that none of us actually talk to each because we all have headphones in. But the fact of the matter is that music has been proven to stimulate creativity, which is what we feed on. You’ll find me jamming out to Seether and the Arctic Monkeys while our project manager prefers musicals. See why we don’t have a communal music station?! Music takes us all to different places and sparks emotion. This emotion inspires the work we do on projects. Whatever your jam, try listening to a few of your favorite tunes to relax and inspire you.

Drawing inspiration from nothing can be tough, but that’s agency life for you. We’ve become semi-pros at figuring out what works for us and encourage you to do the same. None of our projects would be half as amazing without the happy, creative and very inspired people that work here. That’s all thanks to our methods!

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