Black Bear Launches a New Site: BlackBear.Agency


We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new site, We designed this site to be a streamlined presentation of our company, the skills we possess, and the services we provide. Collaboration and dedication were critical to the site’s launch. Our team worked endlessly to make this site happen and we are proud of the results of our labor.


The site opens to a gorgeous image with a text overlay of our tagline. We want customers to get a feel for our company’s personality, and the style of the site does just that. It is playful, but still means business. Company colors appear throughout in vibrant blues and greens. These energetic colors are paralleled by the movement of certain elements on the site, such as the animated tagline and footer components.


Responsiveness was built on a totally responsive framework. The site adapts to any size screen, making it convenient for users to view on their devices. The responsive design also means that we can provide information to anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection. Responsive features are crucial for websites now and we are happy to provide this convenience to our visitors.



The navigation is straightforward and easily accessible from each page. We restructured our existing sitemap to be more user-friendly and organized. Under the responsive framework, the navigation condenses to a drop-down menu. The navigation links are mirrored in the footer, ensuring that visitors can always find their way around.


We created beautiful, clean, custom icons to represent each of the areas of services our company offers. These icons create instantly recognizable symbols for our services, and are used throughout the site and in our marketing materials. The icon for Internet Marketing even involves our logo in the fun.


Work Samples

Each service category has its very own display page. We have chosen a small selection of some of our favorite projects to showcase in each service area. They are set up beautifully in photographic style with vibrant backgrounds. A brief, but insightful, description of each service is first viewed at the top, and visitors can scroll through the samples easily on one page. We have created gorgeous and interesting collages to represent what each service entails. Similar to the icons, these images both add visual interest and help to organize the site by category.


About Us

Arguably our most-loved page, because all the attention is on us! Here, we have provided some understanding as to who we are as a company and what we can provide to our clients. We want you to know how fantastic our team is, and to lend a more personal feeling by putting faces to names. Before visitors even reach out to us, they can know exactly who to ask for.



Pricing Guide

We have provided helpful information about our process and pricing in a downloadable PDF document. The link is located in the footer, with a quick preview of the first page scrolling by. This guide is meant to give insight into our company and how we work. It contains what we refer to as “trail guides” to our various services. These graphics detail the steps of each service we provide, from beginning to end. We want our visitors to be able to make an informed decision about working with us, and we feel the pricing guide is useful tool.


Contact Page

We have one impressive contact page, if we do say so ourselves. A map of the area around our office is featured prominently, with the office location clearly marked. Soft clouds float gently across the screen as you view the page. A simple form field collects information from interested visitors, but we also have provided our phone number and address here. This is typically the final step in viewing the website, and we wanted to make it special.



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