BRANDING 101- what is a brand?

BRANDING 101- what is a brand?

This is one of the most important but misunderstood questions in the world of business marketing. A brand is not ...
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Pintrest Whole Foods

How to Use Pintrest for Business

Pinterest, although having over 10 million users as of January 2012, is still largely unknown to a lot of business ...
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Cinnamon Shore Newsletter

How to Use a Monthly Newsletter to Reach Customers

A monthly newsletter emphasizes organization and interest in conveying news about the company while respecting the busy schedule of those ...
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Tips for a new Graphic Designer

Beneficial Tips for a New Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer new to the design agency world it is very easy to become completely overwhelmed. A full ...
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Color Theory

Understanding Color and The Meaning of Color

Color meanings vary from culture to culture, and the impact that your brand has on your targeted audience. Here is ...
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Has Changed Everything

Social Media,talking specifically about Twitter for this blog, came on the scene. And what it did was to give the ...
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Old Facebook Landing Page Design

Facebooks New Business Page Design with Timeline

Facebooks new business page design with timeline view launching?  Ok, what???  Where was I when Facebook released this news?  We ...
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Marketing Integrity

When to Turn Down Business

Ever wondered when to turn down business?  Have you ever had a client say "Im not paying for work"?  I have, ...
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Google Analytics Email Report

How to change or remove Google Analytics weekly email

I have been trying for some time to figure out how to change or even stop the Google Analytics weekly ...
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Digital Marketing

Throw Out That Old Marketing Pie

Did you make a marketing pie like I did last year? You know, a little online marketing, a little off-line ...
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Setup Wordpress Categories

Step by Step SEO Part 8

So last week in Step by Step SEO Part 7, we set up webmaster tools, reviewed a WebCEO report and ...
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Coldfusion Website Hosting

Coldfusion Website Hosting

Recently a client emailed us asking if we hosted Coldfusion websites.  They brought it to our attention that Godaddy was discontinuing Coldfusion ...
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Optimizing Pages for specific search terms

Step by Step SEO Part 7

This week in Step by Step SEO part 7, we will be looking at reports, making some suggested updates, creating ...
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On Page SEO

Step By Step SEO Part 6

So this week in Step by Step SEO part 6, we will be taking about backlinks. Over the past few ...
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Link Title Text

Step By Step SEO Part 5

If your just joining, run back to Step By Step SEO Part 1 and get caught up.  Were getting a ...
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WebCEO Website Optimization

Step By Step SEO Part 4

So this week in part 4 of our Step By Step SEO series, we will set up additional reporting and ...
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