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Flat & Handmade: 2016 Logo Trends

Posted on 07/22/16 by

Golden arches. An apple with a bite out of it. A rainbow peacock. Chances are, McDonald’s, Apple and NBC came to mind when you saw those words. Why? Because these brands have memorable logos that aren’t easily forgotten. And while these logos are classic and not likely to change anytime soon, the world of design […]

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Is Your Content Inspired or Deathly Boring?

Posted on 07/17/16 by

The decades old problem marketers are still struggling to tackle is how to write content that inspires. Shameless self-promotional content and reposting everyone else’s content will only get you so far. Original content is obviously the preferred method, but how do we write content that our audiences will find interesting and share-worthy? Let’s find out! […]

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Top Web Design Trends Of 1989

Posted on 07/12/16 by

Welcome to the internet, perhaps the most extensive record of human subculture and history that has ever existed. With every era that has passed, web design trends have evolved, and no year was more exciting than 1989. In those days, designers weren’t bogged down by annoying limitations like tables and browsers. Nope. They had the […]

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Why It’s Time for Social Media to Integrate With Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on 07/12/16 by

When social media just started making waves in the marketing world, it was seen by most as marketing’s red-headed step sister. No one was fully aware of what to do with it or how to harness the power of social for their business. Fast forward to present day, and nearly anyone who’s anyone is on […]

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Rising (and Falling) Search Traffic

Posted on 07/07/16 by

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is almost as hot a topic as the rise of data analytics in the marketing world. But what does it really mean? SEO drives traffic from organic search results on search engines like Google, plain and simple. With nearly 65 percent of searches taking place on Google, SEO is pretty important! […]

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Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Posted on 06/30/16 by

Digital marketing has become increasingly multifaceted with the passage of time. Google’s algorithms are always in flux, turning search engine optimization into a highly specialized field. Web design, code, and content marketing all need to be placed carefully into a digital marketing strategy that has as much nuance and complexity as a Van Gogh painting. […]

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Social Media Is Here to Stay

Posted on 06/27/16 by

Social media has been around for nearly a decade with no signs of slowing down. Most people, especially millennials, are on our phones constantly; whether we’re checking our email, posting a selfie to Instagram or tweeting about a trending hashtag, most of us have fully integrated social media into our daily lives. Marketers have taken notice and […]

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Web Design Disasters That Drive Clients And Agencies Crazy

Posted on 06/23/16 by

The more marketers monetize web design, the more annoying their strategies become. From ubiquitous pop-up windows to infuriating, registration demands that lock clients out of sites, there’s no end to the digital tantrums advertisers can cause among users. The Pop-Up Screen of Death Pop-up advertising is based on the pattern interrupt technique, which snaps lulling brains to […]

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Virtual Reality: The Next Big Thing in Marketing?

Posted on 06/21/16 by

Whether or not you’ll admit it, when you walked into Best Buy for printer ink and instead found yourself with a virtual reality (VR) headset, you were completely blown away by the experience. It was an experience that wouldn’t have been half as exciting had you actually been there, but there’s something about VR that […]

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6 Things We Learned From Web Design In 2015

Posted on 06/18/16 by

When it comes to web design, you just have five seconds to convince an online visitor if accessing your website is a good idea or not. Additionally, mobile technology is ultimately taking the lead over desktops in the use of the internet, meaning that you have to keep up with the changing web trends, lest […]

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