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In the Hands of Experts: Looking for Web Design Companies

Posted on 05/24/16 by

A business website is the strongest asset an entrepreneur can have if they want to have a wider reach and draw attention to more customers. When it comes to building a business website, there are several ways to do it – you can do it yourself, select and modify a free template, buy a template, […]

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5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Web Design Companies

Posted on 05/17/16 by

For a small business that is looking to make its mark on the future, the difference between continued obscurity and a strong online presence might rest on the visibility, presentation, functionality, professionalism, and uniqueness of your website. This is where professional web design companies can help you ease the pangs of presenting a product in […]

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Choosing the Best Web Design Companies For Your Project

Posted on 05/10/16 by

Website design has surely evolved in recent years. From gripping templates to social and mobile media integration, today’s websites play an essential role in any SEO or online marketing campaign. Site content is also based on meeting or exceeding Google’s White Hat criteria. This, of course, calls for all websites to be optimized for mobile […]

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3 Web Page Design Basics That You Should Never Forget

Posted on 05/02/16 by

For a lot of people, the internet is the first stop for information. Your web presence can help your company rise or fall – and one of the key parts of web presence is web page design. To help make connections with your clients and customers, apply these three design principles in your planning: Design […]

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5 Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Posted on 04/27/16 by

Being productive at work should be our goal every day. We go in the office thinking “Today, I am going to get everything on my to-do list done, I will not be distracted!” But by the time lunch time rolls around, you’re lucky if one task was knocked off the list. How frustrating! Good intentions […]

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What Your Business Card Says About You

Posted on 03/20/16 by

Your business card is your first and sometimes only opportunity to make a good impression.  Not having a business card at all is no longer an option. In a world of endless networking opportunities, we need to have a seamless way to exchange information. More than anything, you want your business card to reflect who […]

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Can Social Media Reinvigorate Your Business Growth?

Posted on 03/15/16 by

Social media is the best, free way to market your business. Getting in front of potential customers in their homes, at their jobs or while they’re running errands is possible with the use of social media. Unfortunately, we can’t talk to hundreds sometimes thousands of people about the products and services our company offers. With social […]

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Top Clutch Firm: Success from the Bear Cave

Posted on 03/08/16 by

Black Bear has been highly ranked on Clutch’s Top Atlanta Web Design Firms for 2016, and we couldn’t be prouder! In the years since we opened our doors, Black Bear Design has evolved into a full-service design agency. We’ve taken careful steps to grow our small agency, incorporating the products clients want most, but also striving […]

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Why You Should Be Using Conversion Tracking Along with PPC?

Posted on 02/23/16 by

It was a huge surprise to me when I realized how many advertisers who were using AdWords were not implementing conversion tracking. I then realized that many advertisers may not see the importance of conversions and tracking them through AdWords. If you think you don’t need to track conversions, you may want to ask yourself […]

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Your New Website: What to Expect from Your Web Design Experience

Posted on 12/15/15 by

Nearly Anything is Possible with Enough Money and Enough Time Like building anything else, it’s almost certainly going to take more time and money than you expect to build a brand new website. There will be many unforeseeable challenges, and hurdles as you wait for content and final approval. During testing, there may be red […]

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