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How to Protect Your Security Online

Posted on 03/22/17 by

Ah, the IoT – the amazing web that connects the tiny glass phones in our pockets to almost every aspect of our lives, including voice controls on our door locks and our always-listening smart TVs and home devices. Have you ever wondered what might happen if the security of the IoT was breached or interrupted? […]

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The Rise of Augmented Reality and Marketing

Posted on 03/08/17 by

If you’ve been on YouTube in the last few months (and, statistically speaking, you have), you might have noticed one of the running ads that play at the start of every video. It’s for the New York Times’ new virtual reality app, aptly named NYTVR. That’s right, one of the oldest print materials is blowing […]

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Podcasts: How Brands Benefit and How to Get Started

Posted on 02/27/17 by

As long as there is the internet, there will be trends. The podcast is rapidly becoming one of the largest trends dominating not only history fanatics, storytellers, and pundits, but it’s rapidly becoming one of the most useful marketing tools of the last twelve months. Edison Research released a report stating that podcast listeners increased […]

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Digital Design Trends to Work into Your Strategy in 2017

Posted on 02/20/17 by

Trends in digital design come and go and some remain timeless. As we review the past year of styles that emerged in the industry we focus on what’s to come and what we should change. 2017 is looking stronger than ever for design trends we believe will be around for more than just the year. […]

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Connected: The History of Social Media

Posted on 02/02/17 by

To appreciate the history of social media, it’s beneficial to have insight into the history of the internet first. The internet was by no means the first great invention of man, however, it has become one of the most revolutionary lenses of communication, data sharing, and commerce that exists today. Virtually one-third of the world’s […]

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Five Tools Everyone in the Marketing Industry Should Be Using

Posted on 01/25/17 by

If you knew there was a tool that could make your job easier and more efficient, wouldn’t you use it? Here at Black Bear, our team has over 100 years of collective experience in the digital marketing world, and as such, we understand what works and what doesn’t. The team was prompted recently to provide […]

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If Your Agency Isn’t Using Sharpspring, Your Clients Are Missing Out On Leads, Conversions, and Profits.

Posted on 01/18/17 by

A marketing agency without marketing automation. Sounds funny right? To call yourself an agency, it is essential that you take advantage of modern marketing tools, or you will simply be left in the dust.   What is marketing automation?   Marketing automation is a blanket term for tools that automate and ultimately make marketing easier. […]

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The Art of Productivity: A Fireside Chat with Jonathan Soares

Posted on 01/03/17 by

Have you ever noticed people going through life achieving everything they set out to accomplish? Making it look like they were knocking down obstacles effortlessly, one at a time? Have you ever wondered what those people are doing that you’re not? It’s not quite a secret that these people, the entrepreneurs, project managers, bosses of […]

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2017 Digital Marketing Conferences We Can’t Wait For!

Posted on 12/27/16 by

Oh, boy. 2016 was an amazing year in the world of digital marketing. Augmented Reality became a worldwide phenomenon, the number of smartphone users exploded, more Millennials came of age to the buying world, photo and video sharing settled in to becoming the norm…and hey, we were even introduced to productive artificial intelligence programs that […]

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How To Use Visitor ID in Sharpspring to Find Leads

Posted on 12/12/16 by

How To Use Visitor ID in Sharpspring to Find Leads I want to talk a little bit about how you can use the Visitor ID tool in SharpSpring to get information for some of the people that have been on your website, but they haven’t filled out a form or gave any information that would tell […]

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