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Why Does Keep Hitting My Site

Posted on 02/23/18 by

I recently discovered that a URL was hitting my website as referral traffic several times per day.  I first noticed it as I was testing landing pages in Adwords, as the page URL’s were not published, only an ad could hit the URL.  When I noticed it was being hit a lot, especially with a […]

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5 Tips to Revive Your Tired Web Presence

Posted on 02/05/18 by

 There are many factors involved in making a website a success: compelling design, fast load times, clear brand identity, seamless ecommerce solutions, and responsive web design. And it’s important to keep on top of all of them to develop a brand your customers feel they can trust. But the day-to-day operations of running a business […]

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Using Social Media Platforms to Market Your Business

Posted on 01/19/18 by

“You have to post this!” “Oh, don’t bother with that platform!” “Make sure you’re posting X times per day!” You’ve probably heard them all when it comes to figuring out your business’s social media strategy. It can quickly feel overwhelming as you try to best represent your brand as well as be engaging, informative, and […]

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Why Should You Advertise On Twitter?

Posted on 12/26/17 by

Twitter is a social network that offers users a platform to share short messages (now 280 characters up from the original 140), photos, or short videos with followers. It’s one of the most popular platforms worldwide with 24% of online adults using the “microblogging” service including 36% of adults ages 18-29, more than triple the […]

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Color Personalities and How To Find the One for Your Company

Posted on 11/17/17 by

Companies choose the colors of their logo for any number of reasons: to convey power or serenity, engender safety or trust, or create hunger or warmth – or just because they like them. That decision may be based on a variety of reasons from the owner’s favorite color or the color of their first car, but how important are they?

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Google Partner Connect Mobile Search

Posted on 11/15/17 by

Black Bear Design is a proud Google Partner! This video from Google offers a rich program with a ton of takeaways if you are considering using AdWords for your digital advertising. Some fascinating facts: More than half of all web traffic is now coming from smartphones and tablets. 79% of consumers use their smartphones for research […]

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Digital Advertising: How to Get Started With Google

Posted on 11/09/17 by

Where and how to get started with digital advertising can feel a little overwhelming. After all, it seems like everyone else is doing it especially given the numbers Facebook and Google are putting up: Alphabet, Google’s parent company, posted earnings of $26 billion in the second quarter of 2017, a 21% jump from a year ago. […]

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8 Steps to Great Landing Pages

Posted on 10/27/17 by

Before we examine best practices, let’s talk about what “landing page” means. A landing page is a stand-alone page on your site where a visitor can fill out a form to request gated content like a white paper, subscribe to your email newsletter, buy a product or set up a meeting. A good landing page […]

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Why Video Must be an Integral Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on 10/24/17 by

Have you been thinking about creating video content to promote your business, but just aren’t sure if it’s worth your time and effort? We’ve mentioned before the influence video will have on marketing in the future and, in almost every industry, it is worth the work for the impact it can have. Let’s start with […]

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10 Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out in Your City

Posted on 09/20/17 by

Standing out in a crowd of competitors is no easy task, and it’s getting more difficult all the time. Whether you are a little fish in a big pond or just trying to make your mark as a new venture, we’ve got 10 tips to help your small business get noticed. Solve a Problem. Is […]

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