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Your New Website: What to Expect from Your Web Design Experience

Posted on 12/15/15 by

Nearly Anything is Possible with Enough Money and Enough Time Like building anything else, it’s almost certainly going to take more time and money than you expect to build a brand new website. There will be many unforeseeable challenges, and hurdles as you wait for content and final approval. During testing, there may be red […]

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WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” Released

Posted on 12/10/15 by

Instead of typing and telling you all about the new features in Wordpress 4.4 “Clifford”, we’re using one of the cool new featured to embed snippets from other websites.

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Black Bear Launches a New Site: BlackBear.Agency

Posted on 10/30/15 by

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new site, blackbear.agency. We designed this site to be a streamlined presentation of our company, the skills we possess, and the services we provide. Collaboration and dedication were critical to the site’s launch. Our team worked endlessly to make this site happen and we are […]

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Using SEO Effectively in Blog Posts

Posted on 10/21/15 by

Search engine optimization is crucial for the success of your website, improving your ranking on search engines, and driving more traffic to your site. Using SEO effectively isn’t complicated, yet many fail to optimize their posts, and as such, miss out on search engine hits. Black Bear Design has a few pointers to help you improve […]

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Wireframes Explained

Posted on 09/17/15 by

Creating a custom website is no easy feat. At Black Bear Design, we build sites from the ground up and gain our clients’ trust every step of the way. Wireframes are a crucial phase in the design process, and many clients have questions. Wireframes can be described as the skeleton or the architectural blueprint of […]

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WordPress 4.3.1 Security and Maintenance Release

Posted on 09/16/15 by

WordPress 4.3.1 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. This release addresses three issues, including two cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and a potential privilege escalation. WordPress versions 4.3 and earlier are vulnerable to a cross-site scripting vulnerability when processing shortcode tags (CVE-2015-5714). Reported by […]

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Choosing the Right Font for the Job

Posted on 09/09/15 by

Font choice seems like a daunting task. There are millions of fonts available for your use. The hard part is not finding a font, but finding the right font. There are no simple rules about font choice, but don’t despair. At Black Bear Design Group, our designers have a few tips to help you narrow down […]

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Seducts Logo

Posted on 07/07/15 by

SEDUCTS.COM is an indoor air quality control company, and they reached out to Black Bear Design to create a new logo for the business. In an effort to convey the flow of quality air being pushed through and incorporate an element from ducting, Black Bear designed a logo that effectively captures the fluidity of air in the […]

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Have you started questioning your logo design?

Posted on 06/29/15 by

What makes a logo not just creative, but strong, successful, and lasting? How do you know when your logo isn’t working the way it should? Even though you’ve invested in a logo design, is it what you wanted? Is it working the way you envisioned? What makes one concept potentially better than another? How do […]

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The Mobile Revolution: How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy for the Mobile World

Posted on 05/22/15 by

What is the Mobile Revolution? Globally, mobile technology is in the throes of redefining what companies can accomplish. What was, in the beginning, considered only an on-the-go convenience, has now developed as the primary source of information and communication across the globe. Never before has the entire world been so quickly enamored – even obsessed […]

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