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Posted on 10/24/16 by

As business owners, we too often make the mistake of assuming that everyone is as invested in our products and services as we are. We allow ourselves to translate this thinking into the way we communicate with our audiences online. In Person vs Online If someone walks into your storefront, chances are they ARE invested […]

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How to Master Dynamic Landing Pages

Posted on 09/29/16 by

Technology is incredible. Technology saves lives, allows us to stay connected and, in this case, allows for personalization. Dynamic landing pages are somewhat newer, but they are changing the world of marketing automation nonetheless. SharpSpring has taken dynamic landing pages on step further, allowing anyone to create a dynamic landing page, not just coders. Curious […]

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Posted on 09/28/16 by

Remember those shiny, gold trophies you got as a kid for winning the soccer championships or for making it to the softball tournament? Or those blue and gold ribbons for swimming your heart out? By now, you’ve probably put them in storage or flat out gotten rid of them. Here at Black Bear, we’re sentimental […]

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Mastering the Art of Time Management

Posted on 09/26/16 by

If there’s only one certainty in life, it’s this: time can’t be given back. Once you use it, it’s gone. Time is a precious, non-tangible idea that controls the work world. Deadlines, how many projects you can tackle, how much overtime you need to work—it’s all dictated by time. So for those of us not […]

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A Day in The Life: What Goes On in a Developers Mind?

Posted on 09/23/16 by

There are left-brained people and there are right-brained people. Then there’s the rare “all-brained,” if you will, people that blow your mind with their technical prowess and equally exceptional ability to be creative. Black Bear is fortunate to have one such all-brained genius named Tony. At first look, you’d gather that Tony is incredibly artistic […]

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The Dizzying World of Social Media

Posted on 09/21/16 by

Ahh, social media! It has exploded over the past decade, transforming from small platforms meant to encourage conversations among friends into a multi-billion-dollar industry that enables ads, brand communication, instant access and everything else businesses need to thrive on the internet. Just thinking about it has my head spinning. Social media, in the business sense, […]

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Not Branded Online? You Don’t Exist

Posted on 09/07/16 by

In an increasingly digitized world, technology has taken over our lives. Our grandparents have smartphones, we’re constantly posting those over-filtered selfies to social media and adopting new technologies such as the smart home daily. Digital has become a way of life. And one that we’re comfortable with, might I add. So, how is it possible […]

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Black Bear Design Named Top Digital Agency

Posted on 08/17/16 by

Since the launch of our graphic and web design firm in 2004, Black Bear Design Group has stood out in a market that is cluttered and can be somewhat hard to navigate. We’re excited that the work we have done recently received recognition from a research firm in Washington, D.C.—Clutch—which named us one of the […]

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Meet Jena: Part Superhero, Part PM, All About the Client

Posted on 08/09/16 by

Walking into work each morning guarantees some sort of surprise when Jena’s in the office. And this girl is always in the office. You’ll find her watering your desk plants, singing show tunes, crunching down Chick-Fil-A crushed ice or soothing customers with her syrupy southern drawl. She’ll greet you with the warmest of welcomes before she […]

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Creating Masterpieces Requires a Solid Creative Process

Posted on 08/05/16 by

We’ve all been there. We’re staring at the ceiling, flipping a pen through our fingers, deleting and retyping what we just wrote in search of something better. Something catchier. Oh, writer’s block, you truly are a pain! But what about other creatives? How do they handle a creative block, what’s their creative process? We talked […]

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