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Seducts Logo

Posted on 07/07/15 by

SEDUCTS.COM is an indoor air quality control company, and they reached out to Black Bear Design to create a new logo for the business. In an effort to convey the flow of quality air being pushed through and incorporate an element from ducting, Black Bear designed a logo that effectively captures the fluidity of air in the […]

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Have you started questioning your logo design?

Posted on 06/29/15 by

What makes a logo not just creative, but strong, successful, and lasting? How do you know when your logo isn’t working the way it should? Even though you’ve invested in a logo design, is it what you wanted? Is it working the way you envisioned? What makes one concept potentially better than another? How do […]

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The Mobile Revolution: How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy for the Mobile World

Posted on 05/22/15 by

What is the Mobile Revolution? Globally, mobile technology is in the throes of redefining what companies can accomplish. What was, in the beginning, considered only an on-the-go convenience, has now developed as the primary source of information and communication across the globe. Never before has the entire world been so quickly enamored – even obsessed […]

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What Is Mobilegeddon? Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update

Posted on 04/30/15 by

On April 21st, Google launched it’s latest algorithm change that will effect how websites rank.  This new mobile friendly ranking change is based on making the user experience better as more and more people use and search for websites on mobile devices. Back in November of 2014, Google took a step in this direction when they […]

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5 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Blog

Posted on 04/17/15 by

A recent study conducted by eMarketer concluded that more than 140 million people read blogs in the United States alone. For bloggers who are able to distinguish themselves as an authority on a particular subject matter have an ability to greatly influence purchase decisions. According to a study by Technorati, 31.1% of consumers claimed that […]

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Business Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Card Marketing

Posted on 03/04/15 by

How to Make Your Business Card Work for You Your company business card is a direct extension of your business. Designed correctly, it can also be a very effective tool for marketing your company and yourself to prospective clients. During networking seminars, your business card is your one chance to make a great impression. Chances […]

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Geico Goat Commercial

Posted on 02/28/15 by

This Geico scape goat commercial is brilliant! How many times have you blamed it on a scape goat? Come on, be honest, leave your story for us to laugh.

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Website “Must Haves” for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales

Posted on 02/20/15 by

Whether you’re looking to build your first website, or if your existing site just isn’t getting the traffic or leads you were hoping for, you may wonder what it really takes to have a great website. Having a website alone isn’t the key to great results. Instead, it’s the ability turn your website into an […]

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Black Bear Recognizes 10 New Trends in 2015 Logo Design

Posted on 02/16/15 by

From the days of hand cut letterforms, through the wave of digital technology and into current day, logo design has wonderfully transformed, adapted and shape-shifted. What logo design trends lie ahead in 2015? If you’re in the process of changing your logo design, or planning a re-fresh of your existing brand for your business, then you’ll love today’s […]

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How To Set Up A WordPress Site In 10 Minutes

Posted on 01/27/15 by

Transcript: How To Set Up A WordPress Site In 10 Minutes This is Joel Black with Black Bear Design and today I am going to show you how to set up a Word Press website in less than 10 minutes! So, to get started, the first thing is buying the domain name. This may take […]

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